Event App


Last Fall when the pandemic happened, there were a lack of on-campus student interaction and events. In fact, it was non-existent. The student-run club that I was a part of, Computer Science Society was in charge of developing a mobile app for students to RSVP to University events on Zoom.


The goal was to develop a mobile app where students have the ability to RSVP to events on Zoom that the University was hosting, whether it be a student run organization or a by a committee.


It was important as a team to discuss the technologies that would be used throughout the project. As a group we decided we would be using React Native because it used JavaScript programming language and was a tool we all wanted to learn.

My key role in the project was focusing on user acessibility and experience. It was important that the functionality of buttons were consistent throughout the application. Content was also key and that the focus on a particular page was obvious. For instance, within a login page the focus should be on a user logging in and any unnecessary content causes a distraction.


Unfortunately the University did not publish the application to be used. The project was an overall success and something me and my team were proud of. It taught me a lot about teamwork witin a development team and how to efficiently utilize code reviews and collaboration with github and git. I'm proud to say that I got to work with some of the brightest developers and learned a new tool like React Native.