MISSA Website


Before initially joining MISSA (Management Information System Student Association) club. I realized that their club website was missing a lot of key information for it's student. It also looked aged and out of date. It was certainly lacking the modern, responsive design that most modern websites or web applications had.


One of my biggest goals to joining the club was to help them redesign and redeveloped a fully responsive, modern website and also save them some money that could better be spent elsewhere within the organization. With a wide range of open-source projects and tools out there. I knew that there were ways for the organization to save some money. With my skills and passion for web development. I was determineded to fully revamp the website.


So beginning of summer 2020. I immediately got to work. I started off by creating several mock-up designs that I would present to a board of members. During presentation, I stated my step by step process of what the whole summer would like in terms of development and also the migration process of using a new platform for hosting the website (basically how we can save money). I can tell that the board really enjoyed the presentation and was board with the action plan. They were already asking questions as if they were already on board with the project. Asking questions like "Can we include this?", "How fast would it take to..." I knew that they were as excited as I was.

During development, I knew I would face several challenges. One being the amount of additional requests the board was asking. This was an issue because for every new requests would extend the deadline of the project. So what I did was to priortize what could be completed and that any additional requestions would be added to a backlog. This way, after deadline, the lists of items would then be worked on.


Overall, the project was a success and one that I will forever be proud of. I worked on this project from beginning to end and gave it everything I got. From identifying a problem, finding a solution, to presenting to a board of members and then designing and developing the website. It was a lot of fun and I learned so much about what it takes to push out a product and that it's more than just developing something. It requires leadership and communication skills.