Project Details

Part of my major's curriculum is developing a web application for our senior project. The senior project was to develop a RESTful Web API. Where we can transfer data between applications. In addition to building a Web API. We also had to use scrum methodology and incorporate the values and principals to our project. It was an exposure to managing a project and developing it throughout the semester.


As the Product Owner and Project ead. It was my responsibility to provide the vision of the product as well as plan the project through visual reminders.


So what I did was create a kanban management system to visually remind the team of what tasks needed to be completed and what would be put into a backlog. I also discussed with my team to create a timeline chart of what the semester would look like so that we were on the same page of expectations and objectives.


As a result, because we stayed organized and planned aggressively beginning of the semester we were able to complete our project two weeks before the deadline. We had several items on our backlog that we were able to complete due to completing early.